Nassir Ghaemi

Mood Disorders:
A Practical Guide

The Second Edition is just finished! You can order it now. It is thoroughly updated with the most recent studies (STEP, STARD, CATIE) and includes new concepts (like Hippocratic psychopharmacology, the diagnostic heirarchy, a new chapter on children and the ADHD controversy, and a new chapter on tips for families).

"New knowledge about, and understanding of, mood disorders has been expanding at an accelerating pace in recent years... Yet at the same time, as clinicians face more and more pressures on their time it seems that the gap between what is known and what gets applied in practice is growing. I predict that this book will make a substantial contribution towards closing this gap. I make this prediction because this work is not only comprehensive, but also thematically coherent and it is this characteristic that is especially important to the non-specialist reader. Too often, guidebooks in this area are either oversimplified, lightweight treatments of a complex subject or a hodgepodge of facts and studies lacking a unifying perspective--the seasoned judgment of an expert about how things fit together. Dr. Ghaemi not only provides that perspective but he makes it easily accessible to the reader through the creative use of 'tips', 'key points', and especially 'essential concepts...' It occurs to me that the reason Dr. Ghaemi makes his points so effectively is his deep respect for, and knowledge of, the history of psychiatry--an area where he has made important contributions in other publications. This is a practical book and yet, its clinical insights and recommendations are embedded in a neurobiological framework. Dr. Ghaemi makes these links seem so natural that for the reader, a new appreciation of mechanisms of action seems to come almost effortlessly."
--Frederick K. Goodwin, Professor of Psychiatry, The George Washington University, Washington DC; Former Director, National Institute of Mental Health; Former Administrator, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration; Co-author (with Kay R. Jamison), Manic-Depressive Illness (Oxford University Press, 2nd edition, 2007).

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A comprehensive survey of psychiatric thinking. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2003.
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A clinical handbook about the diagnosis and treatment of depression and bipolar disorder. Wolters Kluwer, First edition 2003, Second edition 2008.

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