Nassir Ghaemi


Becoming a Master Clinician: Diagnosis, Drugs and Existential Psychotherapy
A one-week summer seminar
July 11-15, 2016
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
New England Educational Institute
33rd Annual Cape Cod Symposia

Join us for this interactive seminar, which I will lead.

In this course, participants will learn advanced clinical approaches to diagnosing and differentiating clinical presentations of anxiety, depression, bipolar, and personality disorders. Differential diagnosis will be emphasized, and decision-making about treatment with medications and/​or psychotherapies, and which specific ones, will be discussed in detail. The presentation will be very interactive, and consistently clinical and related to concrete cases. Emphasis will be placed on a little understood and used approach: the existential/​humanistic methods of psychotherapy. The overall approach will be an integrated way of thinking about mental health practice that goes beyond simplicities of DSM definitions, FDA-indication based use of drugs and eclectic psychotherapies. A more integrative approach will be offered that is scientific without being reductionistic and humanistic without being vague.

I frequently give lectures locally and nationally. If you or your group would be interested in inviting me for a presentation related to any of my books, please email me at nghaemi@​

Selected Works

Monthly newsletter
A monthly newsletter and website that provides a humanistic and scientific approach to psychiatric diagnosis and treatment.
Psychiatry, psychology
Depression is complex, and we need guides to help us understand it, guides who comprehend it existentially as part of normal human experience and clinically as sometimes needing the right kind of treatment, including medications.
An investigation into the surprisingly deep correlation between mental illness and successful leadership, as seen through some of history’s greatest politicians, generals, and businesspeople
Ideas in psychiatry
Published 2009: A sequel and successor to The Concepts, the first book length critique of the BPS model
Published 2003: A comprehensive survey of psychiatric thinking
Clinical psychiatry
Published 2009: Accessible and clinically relevant, this book describes statistical concepts in plain English with minimal mathematical content. Perfect for the busy health professional, or the educated patient, who wants to know which statistics to believe - and why.
Second edition published 2008. A clinical handbook about the diagnosis and treatment of depression and bipolar disorder

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