Nassir Ghaemi


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Selected Works

Clinical Psychiatry
A new textbook on the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric conditions. Oxford University Press, 2019.
Psychiatry, psychology
Depression is complex, and we need guides to help us understand it, guides who comprehend it existentially as part of normal human experience and clinically as sometimes needing the right kind of treatment, including medications. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013.
An investigation into the surprisingly deep correlation between mental illness and successful leadership, as seen through some of history’s greatest politicians, generals, and businesspeople. Penguin Press, 2011.
Ideas in psychiatry
A sequel and successor to The Concepts, the first book length critique of the BPS model. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008.
A comprehensive survey of psychiatric thinking. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2003.
Clinical psychiatry
Accessible and clinically relevant, this book describes statistical concepts in plain English with minimal mathematical content. Cambridge University Press, 2008.
A clinical handbook about the diagnosis and treatment of depression and bipolar disorder. Wolters Kluwer, First edition 2003, Second edition 2008.

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